Lawyer Case Management System is an Online Software for Lawyers daily case board management. With this application Lawyers/Advocates can keep the records at their fingertips. You can add information like client, cases, case history, court and appointment management for Law firms.

Key Features

Lawyer Case Management System is an advanced journal that keeps everything the coordinated and effectively convenient way. Our specialty-rich application Lawyer Case Management System has all the worth-added specialties that an attorney/advocate consistently anticipates to meet his/her assumption to improve on law practice.

Customer Management

Lawyer Case Management System has the ability to store client specifications like Name, Phone, Email, bodies of evidence against him/her with case history.

Every day Case Board

Your Dashboard will give you speedy admittance to your Daily Case Board, Appointments, Pending bills and assignments

Case Management

Track every detail like Client name, Case number, judge, Court subtleties, Case history and move history.

Record Management

Deal with all your Income-Expense, Billing and Invoice alongside forthcoming bill notice element to figure your P&L.


Deal with every one of your Appointments with new and existing customer..

Numerous Users

Numerous clients can get to the application and update their cases at the same time.

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